Our Story

We believe providing extraordinary value is what matters most: for our clients, for their customers, and for everyone in business. In today’s modern and noisy world, having the chance to provide that value is a challenge in itself.

Most businesses are accustomed to shouting their sales pitch as often and as loud as possible. Although this may have worked with traditional media in the past, we live in a modern era of social media, which requires a more human touch

At Futtermedia our goal is to grow our clients' customer base through creative storytelling within the context of each social media platform and digital experience. We're here to give your business the best chance of success. 

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Our Team


Joshua Futterman - Founder/CEO

Josh has been a catalyst for the success of businesses throughout his career. With tenures as startup VP and corporate director, the passion, communication, and hustle necessary to achieve results is in his DNA. Adept at a multitude of social media and communication channels, Josh understands the most important ingredient for success is the human element behind the machines. You can see his work and passion for Crested Butte, Colorado in action at TravelCB.com.


Justin Cline - Creative

Justin is a highly creative graphic and web designer specializing in user interface and interaction. His current gigs include Art Director of Proper Agency and AIGA Colorado's VP of Communication. When not designing, you may spot him in Denver cycling, consuming an Old Fashioned, or watching Pixar movies with his 2 year old.   

Andy Lasda - Development

Andy is a technologist with a broad background, ranging from systems and network architecture to web application development. In his 17 years in the technology sector, Andy has also served in a variety of leadership roles including Project Manager, Technical Program Director and Business Analyst. He has extensive experience in Drupal configuration, and yet also craft beer. There may be footage of him playing the electric guitar circulating the internet. 


Michael King - Design

Mike is a visual designer and all-around creative type living and working in Denver, Colorado. His extensive experience includes tenures as Art Director of Examiner.com, The Onion, and consulting for a small battalion of executives, web developers, UX experts, product managers and more. He also has a little music studio is a big fan of beer, pickling and preserving, cats, and fancy cocktails. Admittedly, he doesn’t make a living off any of those. (Unless you’re looking for a designer-audio-producer-chef-mixologist-catsitter. Then immediately contact him.)